The Scookie Bar is where the scoop meets the cookie! We are a mobile food truck in Phoenix, Arizona.
​we sell"build your own" deep-dish skillet cookies. ​You get to choose your cookie, choose your ice cream, & choose your toppings! Your Scookie can be as simple or silly as you'd like. there's no judgement at this bar! 


we trademarked the term
​"Scookie"  [scoop & a cookie]  
​"The Scookie Bar" got its name, because the owners (us, Veanney & Laura) joke that laura is the white scoop & veanney is the brown cookie. we met at a bar in CAlifornia in 2014 & have been together since. so, the scookie bar is
​'where the scoop met the cookie'!

Veanney's sweet tooth rubbed off on Laura & we found ourselves always going on dates to get deep-dish skillet cookies. we always wanted different flavors, so we decided to open a business with a variety for endless combinations. With much drive, determination, & a lot of obstacles along the way; we are proud to say that we have been serving on the streets of AZ since July of 2016!

Original Logo Sketch done by Laura's uncle & Artist: Richard Levon

​Our Scookie Story!